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MagDav Logistics International is a global solution innovation dedicated at simplifying the ways of trade around the world. It is our primary focus to get you any product or service to the place that is convenient for you at its best condition. We are global based company that is able to get you any product from any country with innovative and integrated solutions configured to your specific requirements within any major vertical market, we can design, manage and service your supply chain efficiently and cost-effectively.

We are providing logistics services that drive our clients's competitiveness with extensive operations throughout the world, Magdav Logistics international is uniquely placed to partner companies in leveraging the value inherent in their supply chains

MagDav logistics international understand customer's needs and as results we are able to deliver exactly what our customer needs. We have moved away from being ordinary logistic company to become a customer number one logistic service provider. We offer logistics service to our customers all over the world, contacts are all over in the continents of the world which are: Africa, America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

MagDav logistics international implies and align its strategies with government developments, as a company of this generation we empower women and black society and that can be proved by our level 3 of BEE Corporation with government.

We are gender balanced company recognising individual skills regardless of gender or ethnic group that is why our company is managed by 50% women and 50% men. We pride ourselves by means of understanding and recognising input that every member and/or employee adds to the company.

  • To be convenient and reliable at all times for our customers
  • To contribute and stabilise the country’s economy
  • To contribute to social responsibilities by meeting the needs of the communities
  • To contribute to social responsibilities by meeting the needs of the communities
  • To build a sustainable future for the youth
  • To have a strong relationship with our clients

Our vision simply emphasizes on being number one people's logistics company for all our stakeholders around the globe.

Head Office in South Africa
40 Spilsbury and corner president street
Argosy building

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