Magdav Logistics International (pty) Ltd founded in May 2014 by two gentlemen with the aim and objectives of providing enhanced logistics and filling the gap in logistics. It became clear that not all customers are happy with logistics services they receive and we found it vital to offer or fill the gap to benefit the customers worldwide by means of getting their business to the top.

Researchers states that Logistics is growing rapidly fast as a results few Logistics company will not have enough recourses to handle the growth and demand, that is when Magdav Logistics international come in as we very passionate about growing African economy and skills in business.

About MagDav Logistics International

We are all about offering the innovative logistic services that values customer's money regardless of the size of the business and/or freight, as we are equipped to handle any kind of logistics service to its destination at its best condition. Magdav Logistics International believes that any person or organisation should get whatever they want when they want it without sweat or difficulties because we are here to simplify and release the burden off your shoulders regardless of the country in which it may be found. It is our primary focus to help you live your life or run your business with nothing missing or broken if you are able to pay for it

Many small businesses' failure is caused by untimely distribution of products. Magdav logistics international recognise the importance of time in relation with delivery of goods and service. MagDav Logistics international is here to take your business to the top.

Magdav Logistics international is here to take your business to the top.

Founder and CEO of MagDav Logistics International

Murendeni Magara
Founder and CEO

MagDav Logistics International (Pty) Ltd.

Founder and CFO of MagDav Logistics International

Musiiwa Lesister Munyai
Founder and CFO

MagDav Logistics International (Pty) Ltd.

Director and IT Manager of MagDav Logistics International

Eullender Cinta Mabunda
Director and IT Manager

MagDav Logistics International (Pty) Ltd.

Director and Chairperson of MagDav Logistics International

Leah Hlompane Mureri
Director and Chairperson

MagDav Logistics International (Pty) Ltd.

Acting COO of MagDav Logistics International

Adivhaho Nyathela
Acting COO

MagDav Logistics International (Pty) Ltd.